Idle Speed Control Valves

Idle speed fuel control valves control air and fuel flow while a vehicle is idling. When throttle bodies began replacing carburetors, this unique valve was needed to control the fuel/air mixture. In response, Schrader built specialized assembly equipment to make these valves, including pick-and-place robotics, camera technology, ultrasonic welding, palletizers, and various poke-yoke processes to assure 100% quality.

Schrader part numbers include: 8275800063, 8275830063, 8275835063, and 8275860063.

Note: Due to the variety of operating conditions or applications, the customer is responsible to perform their own testing to insure performance, safety and warning requirements for the intended application.

Features Set
  • Automated assembly provides a cost-effective solution
  • Flexible assembly machine allows for all parts to be assembled on a single machine
  • Unique design of each part allows use with several engine configurations
Value Proposition
  • Modular component design
  • Flexible manufacturing provides a large product family
  • Manufactured to custom specifications of major Tier 1 suppliers
Technical Specifications
  • Station-by-station in-line testing
  • Multiple part numbers and configurations
  • Supplied just in time in returnable containers