Engine Purge Valves

Schrader specializes in developing and producing high-quality engine purge valves. Schrader’s purge valves are used to purge the engine before delivery, and to make direct pressure measurements in the engine during service. Schrader’s engine purge valves consist of a Schrader core screwed into a metal body (brass, nickel-plated brass, or anodized aluminum). Most valves are mounted in the engine injection rail. A seal on the valve body ensures sealing with the engine or rail, and a sealed cap protects the completed system.  

Features Set
  • Schrader declares the engine valve as a safety product
  • High-quality Schrader valves – 100% assembly control by camera and 100% air leak control
  • A decade of experience in engine valve development and production
Value Proposition
  • Purge valves are assembled in a clean room to ensure an uncontaminated product
  • Designs provide two methods of mounting on the engine rail: Snap-In or Screwed-On
  • Delivered in plastic trays for easier customer handling
Technical Specifications
  • Schrader’s engine valves are compatible with different fuels, including diesel, gasoline, biofuel, and flex fuels
  • Robust technical design
  • Valve body constructed from brass, nickel-plated brass, or aluminum